27 outubro 2010

▲ I Know What You Did Last PANIC! ▼ @ MusicBox, 28 Ocotber

PANIC! A party that's miles ahead of the rest in the cool stakes, where indie personas, wild party animals, beautiful "nobodies" and glamorous celebrities unite in the same venue to watch guest indie-disco-electro DJs spin.

"It began...in Canada..."
Ottawa's Jokers Of The Scene made the leap from party DJs to producers simply by working with what they knew best: the most mind-meltingly intense parts of dance music throughout history, from ecstatic big room house buildups to hyper-distorted electro basslines and the lighthearted samples of 90s techno, all thrown in a blender at 130 BPM. It was the sound of Bob and Doug McKenzie trading their fishing hole for a rave cave. Hoser house?!?!? Whatever you want to call it, JOTS' cheeky approach has been lighting up dancefloors worldwide for the past two years, with remixes for underground favorites like DJ Blaqstarr and Muscles and their own Fool's Gold release, the heavily imitated, tempo-switching rap snack "Y'all Know The Name."

Yet on the Jokers' follow-up Acid Bagg EP, the duo has decided to take their sound much, much deeper. "Acidrod" is a refined (though no less ravey) take on their signature club collages, meshing crowd pleasing breakbeats with subtle tech house bleeps and hypnotic synths. "Baggy Bottom Boys" is their most ambitious track to date, a multi-part rave epic that DJs from Diplo to Erol Alkan can't help but play out through every single peak and piano breakdown. And if these two massive originals weren't enough, remixes from Brodinski, Destroy Disco and Canadian dubstep upstart DZ nicely round out the EP.

Stay tuned for their next move this thursday, 28.Oct @ PANIC

Experiencing PANIC is said to be one of the most INTENSE experiences of a person's LIFE.
It's a sudden overwhelming feeling that floods the body with hormones and ADRENALINE.
People often report a sensation of being in a DREAM-LIKE state where the environment seems UNREAL.
This is the time to be a bit crazy and let your creativity run free!
It’s a space where you can be whoever or whatever you want!

Restricted access! Password required.

26 outubro 2010

The Guggenheim|YouTube Art Experiment

In June, the Guggenheim Museum announced a collaborative video contest with none other than YouTube. Yes, YouTube, the video website overrun with videos of cats and each tween’s latest shopping spree.
The contest was open to anyone and everyone who has made a video in the last two years. A total of 23,000 videos were submitted and judged by a panel of artists and curators, and the competition’s 25 winners were announced last night. These 25 videos will be on display at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, and all the shortlisted videos will stay online indefinitely. 
You can take a look a the 25 finalists and the additional 100 “shortlisted” videos online.

J'adore Macarons

The new Portuguese brand J'adore Macarons, presents the Macaron, a gourmet product, masstige, exquisite craftsmanship and that although it is quite apparent in many other countries, is still little known in Portugal.
J'adore Macarons emerged through the partnership of two friends, who decided to publicize the Macaron, much appreciated on the world scene.
The macaroons are made with the finest raw materials and by highly qualified chefs for their production.They are also a specialty unique in appearance, taste and texture and can be presented in ways highly original and creative, such as through the famed Croquenbouche.
The Macaron cookie was born in Italy, introduced by the chef of Catherine de Medicis in 1533 at the time of her marriage to the Duc d'Orleans who became king of France in 1547 as Henry II. 
The term "macaron" has the same origin as that the word "macaroni" -- both mean "fine dough".The first Macarons were simple cookies, made of almond powder, sugar and egg whites. Many towns throughout France have their own prized tale surrounding this delicacy. In Nancy, the granddaughter of Catherine de Medici was supposedly saved from starvation by eating Macarons. 
In Saint-Jean-de-Luz, the macaron of Chef Adam regaled Louis XIV and Marie-Therese at their wedding celebration in 1660.Only at the beginning of the 20th century did the Macaron become a "double-decker" affair. Pierre Desfontaines, the grandson of Louis Ernest Laduree (Laduree pastry and salon de the, rue Royale in Paris) had the idea to fill them with a "chocolate panache" and to stick them together.Since then, French Macaron cookies have been nationally acclaimed in France and remain the best-selling cookie in pastry retail stores.

23 outubro 2010


23 Out 2010
 - BOMBA! @ GroundZero, Kapital

22 outubro 2010


With MiCha lamp, Kuntzel+Deygas begin another adventure that brings their experience of narrative creation further. With this creatureobject, half-lamp/half-cat, they move away from strict graphic design to a form of living experiential design. By designing MiCha as a petlamp, the artists express both their own vision of high-end lighting and create an unusual and yet comforting character. Just like in an animated film, Kuntzel+Deygas’ petlamp is a drawing come to life, breaking down its movements into several poses. The light projected by MiCha becomes a form of living graphic animation.

21 outubro 2010


 Don Rimini makes the offer that can´t be refused trogh a solicited message with a delivery receipt on October´s DSIDE: "Nlarge your parties". Far from an empty promise, The Don will execute his new EP expecting blind obedience on the dance floor. In his map Rimini is no longer a real city but the musical space where House and Techno ancient myths are boosted by a ghetto-electronic turbine. Accepting the challenge means participating in an experience provided by Mental Groove with euphoric effect and no contraindications.

20 outubro 2010

20th Doolittle Tour - PIXIES

To celebrate their 20th Anniversary Doolittle tour, the Pixies are giving away a free live four-track EP, featuring recordings from the band’s October 16th performance in Paris, available for free download below.

Dancing The Manta Ray
Monkey Gone To Heaven
Crackity Jones

Gouge Away

19 outubro 2010


To mark its 90th anniversary, French Vogue pulls out all the stops, starting with an incredibly sexy cover of model Lara Stone. At 622 pages, the October issue is an instant collectible because it not only features beautiful and artistic shoots like the cover but also new ones from a whole list of famous fashion photographers - Mario Sorrenti, David Sims, Terry Richardson, Steven Klein, Hedi Slimane and Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin.
Editor-in-chief Carine Roitfeld wanted to mix the past and the present in an issue that promises to be larger than life. “Vogue Paris has always played the card of audacity,” Roitfeld said. “We couldn’t do a lukewarm issue.”
As a gift to readers in France, the issue came polybagged with a portfolio of oversize photographs from the nine decades, all unbound on thick paper and ready to frame.

16 outubro 2010


"Chromeo may be the only Arab/Jewish electrofunk duo on the planet. Let that mixture be a smooth metaphor for their unique sound, a blend of fancy synthesizers, a talk box, old computers, and older funk phrasings, torn from the days when the lords of the disco wore white suits and Jheri curls.

But even if Patrick “P Thug” Gemayel and David “Dave 1” Macklovitch, who met in high school in Montreal, unabashedly worship at the altar of Hall & Oates, they keep one ear to hip hop too, turning knobs on their drum machines the way they turn festivals into disco funk jamz.

But they’re not all hot nights and cool suits: until recently, Gemayel put his business school acumen to work as the band’s tour manager, and Macklovitch is earning his PhD in French literature from Columbia. Dissertation topic: “Theorizing the Pleasure of Reading in Eighteenth Century France.”

But right now, he’s all about the pleasure of getting down. In advance of their new album Business Casual, Motherboard visited the groove scientists at home in Montreal to sample their secret synth sauce, and see how it’s made."

15 outubro 2010

Double Damage @ BOMBA

Legend has it that the first sightings of the double skulls occurred on a remote island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean six years passing the second millennium A.D.

Information was scarce and told from mouth to mouth on the Azorean island of S. Miguel. Some claimed to have already witnessed their presence sometimes before, in clubs or random parties, others didn’t believe it and laughed – Skulls you say? Ah! Who’s coming on next? Zombies? Werewolves? I’ll believe it when I see them with my own bloody eyes!

The two skulled shaped beings suddenly appeared and DOUBLE DAMAGE took command. They stormed the DJ booth and started off by playing one of the lousiest, most disgusting tracks known to man and burned it! – literally, setting it on fire, exorcising all the demons in it.

Then summing up their darkest forces begun playing the sickest techno, heavy house, sizzling rock and raging electronic tracks in a loud, distorted, synthesized and psychotic way.

They took a blood oath, submitting all their power to the order of D.I.S.C.O.Texas label, hoping to find help and protection to end their mischievous fate – to bring light trough darkness until evil frequencies stop enslaving mankind on the dancefloor.

If you ever come across them…Beware.

16 Out 2010 - BOMBA! @ GroundZero, Kapital

13 outubro 2010

TOMORROW! VICE 1st Anniversary @ MusicBox

Coachella Festival 2010

A superb video entirely in tilt-shift by Sam O' Hare who had carried out short-measuring THE SANDPIT. It presents a single vision of the festival Coachella, through the public, the scenes and environment. The band its is signed Human. To discover in HD below.

12 outubro 2010


From trash to trends.

TELA BAGS turn waste into ideas. Materials that would otherwise end up in a landfill are reused and transformed into a wide range of accessories.
Tela started in 2006 with pvc banners, sourced from a variety of different partners such as Museums, Theatres, Advertising Departments and Trade Fairs. The TELA BAGS brand was launched with a collection of bags designed for the fashion conscious and eco-friendly crowd.
TELA BAGS renew their model designs every season as well as introduce new waste materials into new collections.
Each Tela Bag is hand–cut and individually planned, making the best use of both graphics and quality details to create each original product. This means every TELA BAG is unique.


11 outubro 2010

Simpsons Opening Sequence by Banksy

The Simpsons intro for last night's episode was storyboarded and directed by the Bristol Bomber, Banksy.

09 outubro 2010

Hollerado - "Americanarama"

Hollerado shot their new video for "Americanarama" in one take, but that doesn't mean it took them lots of practice to get it right. 
The clip's what they're calling a "human 8-bit" video, featuring 24 people in a scaffold shifting gigantic bristol boards to the time of the band's movements. That means you get to watch them play ping-pong, beat singer/guitarist Menno Versteeg up and, uh, scream in each others' ears. 
This video was directed by Greg Jardin, and it's the second clip for "Americanarama." 


Since 1993 FREITAG has been manufacturing bags inspired by messengers riding on wheels. Now we turn to those messengers writing on paper. Messenger comes from message; and today, the media are the horse that carries him.” 
Luckily, in addition to the paper these messengers are writing on, lots of the bags have great laptop sleeves built in too! BUT - beyond this series of 14 stunning bags (a combination of their classic truck tarp bags taken further with sleeker designs and linen lining), there is the daily paper and pop up shop! 
” REFERENCE is also a newspaper. Printed at the REFERENCE editoral space on a lead press from 1840, inspired by cut-outs from other newspapers commented on by the Bros., guests and you. Currently, all THE DAILY REFERENCES are reunited and will be published as THE REFERENCE soon. The REFERENCE editorial space is a shop and reading room at Grüngasse 21 in Zurich, where coffee and the new product line are compiled for your enjoyment.” 

08 outubro 2010

UFFIE - Difficult

Uffie released a new video for “Difficult”. This track, from the electro hip-pop princess’ latest album "Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans", was produced by Ed Banger labelmate sebastiAN.The video was created/directed by a new young French crew, AB/CD/CD, and shot just outside of Paris. The track will be released as single through Ed Banger on October 18th.

Issey Miyake

Japanese designer Issey Miyake has long been a fashion innovator. Since handing over daily design duties at his Tokyo fashion house in 1997, Miyake has spent his time exploring new ways to make clothes more efficient, ecological and accessible while remaining stylish and modern. Today, he leads the Reality Lab, a consortium of young designers that, as he explains, “challenges, explores and celebrates the infinite possibilities of creativity.” On September 7, Miyake unveiled the lab’s latest project:
132 5. ISSEY MIYAKE — 

The title explains the notion: one piece of fabric, a three-dimensional shape reduced to two, and the fifth dimension, which Miyake describes as the moment the garment is worn and comes to life “through the communication among people.” (In physics, the fifth dimension is a hypothetical extra dimension after the three spatial ones and the fourth, which is time. Some astrophysicists argue that the fifth dimension may be the universe that we live in.)

07 outubro 2010

Tha Bloody Bastards @ BOMBA! Saturday

Barbara was an 85 year old lady who lived in the quiet town of Brighton far away from London; being retired she enjoyed a calm daily routine. Having been a teacher all her life, she managed to save enough money, earned from giving classes and tutoring, to buy herself a small apartment with a seaside view, in an almost crumbling building.

She used to describe it as “A slice of paradise” to her old colleagues. When Brighton’s night-life suddenly exploded, Barbara saw no harm in it, after all that Fat Boy Slim seemed to be a decent boy. On the few ocasions she’d seen the lad shopping in the Tesco, he’d be carrying cans of apple or cranberry juice. His girlfriends on the other hand were linked, in Barbara’s mind, to excessive drinking and drug abuse. Nevertheless, things seemed to be under control, Brighton was a quiet town, having a fair amount of sunlight and a couple of youngsters who had some fun every now and then.

But things began to change when two boys moved into the apartment on the floor above Barbara’s. They were DJ’s later to be called “ Tha Bloddy Bastards”. Her nights quickly turned into a nightmare, then her days were to be taken away from her as well, since the loud music played contiuously. Barbara felt as if she had been fooled, her heart started to beat franticly like it did in bustling London, and the cold sweat was running down her neck again.

And it would be to the sound of James Brown’s “Soul Power” that death would come to her, suffering from a heart attack in her frail state after having been subjected to enumerous sleepless nights. Yet, before taking her last breath she had sworn to avenge her death on those two boys. She would keep her promise by haunting every Dj-set those two boys would do, for as long as her ghostly condition might hold.

Tha Bloody Bastards” where her last words, while her apartment furniture went on shaking, dying, she went on uttering softly “ tha bloddy bastards… tha bloddy bastards…..”

Next Live Show:
9 Out 2010 - BOMBA! @ GroundZero, Kapital

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