30 junho 2010

❚ GREEN RAY ❚ 01.07.2010 @ LUX

The next GREEN RAY NIGHT begins with the Midnight Juggernauts concert at Lux in Lisbon on July 1st. SebastiAn, big name of Ed Banger Records and the Germans M.A.N.D.Y. will also be performing in this electrifying night.
Tickets for Green Ray night cost € 16.00 if purchased in advance (sales in stores Flur and Louie Louie and on-Lux) and € 18.00 if purchased on the day - those wishing to attend performances by MANDY and SebastiAn has tickets between  € 10.00 and € 12.00.

29 junho 2010

TANDANSSE: Comme des Garçons Menswear S/S 2011

The skull and blood red were the only two graphic elements Rei decided to work this season. Not a dark skull, but a decorative, mixed, sometimes even funny school, on jackets, pants and skirts (yeah, skirts for men, are you one of those who still find it weird?). It was impossible not to be reminded about McQueen, who made skulls more than a fashionable identity. The blood red jackets were almost lonely on the catwalk, but their presence made a statement. The shapes and cuts were perfect for the contemporary man that loves Kawakubo's touch of humour. Mad collection, in a good way.


28 junho 2010

MADE.OUT 3D w/ Tha Bloody Bastards feat. Mad.Mac & Nuno Lopes

The firts totally 3D party ever in Portugal takes place this Saturday, 3rd of July.
MADE.OUT 3D at the Your Hotel & SPA gardens and pool in Alcobaça.

Check out all the info at www.made-out.com!

MAD SubCulture has 5 double tickets for you!

The 5 MAD posts on MAD SubCulture's Facebook Group wall with the highest number of likes win these tickets!

LabDaily Fashion Report #8

DorianMagazine Summer 2010
Chad White 

photographed by Joseph Sinclair 
for the Superman editorial

Ed Banger 7 / Episode 5

27 junho 2010

The Rolling Stones at Villa Nellcôte

Often referred to as one of the greatest rock records ever made, Exile on Main St. is a staple in any music lover’s collection. The stories & myths behind the creation of this album in the dungeon of a basement at Villa Nellcôte in the south of France are part of Rock N’ Roll folklore, and are captured beautifully in Dominique Tarlé’s black & white pictures, the photographs enhance the already electrifying experience.“… I realised that pictures are far more important than the photographers themselves... the whole of the game was to remain invisible and to have the least possible impact on what was going on around me.” -Dominque Tarlé, 1971
      ⬆ Keith Richards at the imposing doors of the mansion, built in the 1890s. 
Richards said it looked like it was decorated for 'bloody Marie Antoinette'

Ed Banger 7 / Episode 4

26 junho 2010

James Joyce

This London-based artist and designer started his own studio, called One Fine Day, in 2006,  strong colours that, together with bold hand-drawn lines, graphic shapes and often innovative typography, characterise his output.


Berlin-based street art collective Mentalgassi, whose members remain anonymous, have had their work exhibited at galleries in London, Miami and Germany. Their wheat-pasted installations draw on the city environment for inspiration – “people going by bike, riding the subway, the harbour, music, crowded parks in the summer, the city by night…” – and have appeared, unofficially, all over the world. Transforming everyday street fixtures and fittings – from ticket machines to buildings – their cut-up poster technique aims to “reduce anonymity in public space”. Blowing up photocopy-style images to cover walls and objects, the works add a sense of fun and surprise to grey city streets.

25 junho 2010

24 junho 2010

LabDaily Fashion Report #7

Hanah Holman |Elite Paris| 
photographed by Txema Yeste 
for Tush Magazine

Ed Banger 7 / Episode 2

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- Extreme indulgence in sensual pleasures; dissipation.
- free of moral, esp. sexual, restraint; dissolute; licentious.
-Archaic Seduction from morality, allegiance, or duty. unrestrained; uncontrolled. 
- Europa Club (0h-4h); Monthly party where NUNO LOPES shares his joyful musical choice with his sensual guests on an unpredictable night.

O Deboche with Nuno Lopes @ Europa
 Saturday # June 26th # 00h-04h 

23 junho 2010

Ed Banger 7 / Episode 1


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Etnies and Ed Banger Records continue their creative collaboration with the launch of THE ED BANGER SEVEN, a new web-documentary which celebrates the label’s 7 year anniversary. To mark the birthday, Ed Banger organized a huge weekend of celebrations in NYC featuring the artists that have contributed in making the labelhousehold name including: Justice, Uffie, Busy P, DJ Medhi, SoMe, Sebastian, Breakbot and Feadz. The 7 episodes of THE ED BANGER SEVEN will be released over one week, one episode per day, each focusing on real-life scenes and the chaotic and fun-filled lifestyle of professional DJ’s. Launching from June 23 (today) to June 30, each episode will be available to watch online at Konbini.

Lovebox Festival, London

Seven years old, Lovebox has become a must do event on the bristling summer social calender.

Held annually on London's oldest public park bordering Bethnal Green, Hackney, and Bow, London's most creative and socially dynamic quarters, Lovebox as a festival, urban event or "happening" is without comparison.
You can’t beat London as the hippest place on the planet, the Lovebox Weekender is proof of that” Gilles Peterson
Music has always been at the heart of Lovebox; with all the Rock & Roll chaos and glamour of supercharged sets, epic performances with dramatic backdrops, and chuggy jams under the trees from bands and DJs spanning the genres.

Anyone coming to Lovebox can traverse their way across an incredible musical landscape hand picked by a bunch of real fanatics turning each other on to new and old bands, DJs and musical styles, be it folk, hip hop, indie, disco-punk, rock, world or electronic music. It's very much a case of the whole being "greater than the sum of the parts.

“Festivals don’t come much better” 
Time Out London

"In the hidden corners of Lovebox it still felt like you were part of something deafening, furtive and special" 
The Observer - July 2008

"Winner - Best Medium Sized Festival" UK Festival Awards 2008

"Winner - Party People Award for Dance Music" UK Festival Awards 2006

                         For ticket info, full line-up details and other details check out lovebox.net.

20 junho 2010

Gilbert & Georges

Gilbert & Georges are a duo of contemporary artists. They are best known for their bright colored large scale photo works, called The Pictures. But they began as live performers, a performance called « The Singing Sculpture », but i’ll let them explain it to you.

Since then, the suits they wore turned into some kind of uniform they wear in public appearence. Moreover, they regards themselves as « Living Scupltures », insisting on the fact that everything they do is art.
Later they created their Pictures, large panels of photo works arranged as mosaics or some kind of stained glass. 1994 serie called Naked Shit Pictures will attract media attention, due to the « shocking » content.
They are still productive and exposed arond the world in galleries and museums of contemporary art. I leave you here with some of their MAD work.