29 setembro 2010

Welcome To The New PANIC @ MusicBox 30.Sept

Lisbon's hottest new party is back this week to kick the year off with a series of parties with some of the world’s best new DJs. A party that's miles ahead of the rest in the cool stakes, where indie personas, wild party animals, beautiful "nobodies" and glamorous celebrities unite in the same venue to watch guest indie-disco-electro DJs spin.

From San Diego, California comes one of the most exciting additions to the house scene. With a mixture of ghetto and sophistication, the remixes of Harvard Bass, electrify the crowds and keep them jumping.

Signed remixes for Drop The Lime, The Toxic Avenger, Mom & Dad, Sinden, Acid Girls, Teki Latex, Aston Shuffle, Felix Cartal, Bag Raiders, among others.

Experiencing PANIC is said to be one of the most INTENSE experiences of a person's LIFE.
It's a sudden overwhelming feeling that floods the body with hormones and ADRENALINE.
People often report a sensation of being in a DREAM-LIKE state where the environment seems UNREAL.
This is the time to be a bit crazy and let your creativity run free!
It’s a space where you can be whoever or whatever you want!





27 setembro 2010

Turn To Rainbows (GunRose Remix)

GunRose remix for the HIT single 
Turn to Rainbows 
by Soulbizness

Gunrose is a definitely a new favorite. Here’s another one. This time a remix for portugese Soulbizness.

We posted up a few tracks from DJ/Producer GUNROSE a few days back and this evening, we’d like to present you with an additional track that GUNROSE just recently unleashed on the intranets.

Its an electro/disco house interpretation of Portugal-based indie rock outfit Soulbizness‘ song “Turn To Rainbows” and we think you’ll like it a lot.

☟ Give it a listen below! 


2011 Spring|Summer - PRADA MENSWEAR

For Spring-Summer 2011, the Prada man looks to the minimalism of the scrub for inspiration. A collection that mixed tailored pieces with the relaxed utility and functionality of scrubs.
Comfort and ease appeared to be on Miuccia Prada's mind. Sportwear infused Silhouettes stood off from the body for the most part and when it ventured close to the body, it had an almost vintage feel.
The pieces were paired down to just the essentials, super clean lines.

26 setembro 2010

LCD Soundsystem “Home”

Here is the new one video clip for this title of LCD Soundsystem “Home”, on a realization of Rick Darge and a production of Mark Weapons. History of a robot moving in the city, to go from place in place.


Les Queues de Sardines, a registered trademark of the m+o studio, is offering an original range of stockings and tights notable for their unconventional and unique graphic style. Add a pinch of narrative humor - the result is a choice of elegant and unusual models that will dress up your legs with an unusual stylish and elegant pattern. Screen-printed by hand in limited quantities, these rare and exclusive articles will never go unnoticed.

22 setembro 2010

Harvard Bass

Born into a family with a musical taste steeped in rich Mexican culture, Victor Hugo Ramos was born with rhythm in his veins. At the pivotal age of 16, he would sneak into house and techno clubs in Tijuana to soak in the waves of early inspiration. Driven by a beat he could not ignore, he sold all his toys and bought his first DJ set up. Showing a blatant irreverence to genre boundaries, he spent the countless hours blending tracks into a hodgepodge of magic much akin to 2 Many Djs.
Ramos' altar ego, Harvard Bass, was spawned in December 2007 in a natural evolution towards music production. He was instantly adopted by Sound Pellegrino, an Institubes sub-label curated by Teki Latex and DJ Orgasmic, after they invited him to remix "Sixpack Anthem".

As demonstrated in his debut single “Caked” and “81”, the music of Harvard Bass is a combination of elegant, smooth and sophisticated minimalism on one side and bad ass dirty jacking ghetto house grooves with filthy drums and simple, obsessive riffs on the other. Such a formula has earned him massive support from DJs like Tiga, Laidback Luke, Crookers, Benny Benassi, Diplo, Brodinski, Christian Martin, Jess & Crabbe, Sinden, Feadz, Acid Girls, Fluokids and many, many more.

Armed with the musical taste, talent and tenacity to succeed, Harvard Bass is poised to put his stamp on 2009. Add to that an impending European tour, remixes of DJ Orgasmic, Acid Girls, Toxic Avenger and many more original tracks in the works, the sky is the limit for how high he can go. It's as simple as that.

16 setembro 2010

15 setembro 2010

LabDaily Fashion Report #13

Numéro Homme #19 Spring/Summer 2010
Editorial: Prédateurs
Models: Baptiste Giabiconi, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Freja Becha Erichsen and Hedi Mount 
Photography: Karl Lagerfeld

14 setembro 2010

Gunrose/ Gregory Bag EP

Here is a brand new TV Rocks Release for you by GUNROSE which is the most recent alter ego of Nuno Rosa (from Dezperados, and also known as Pinkboy) a long time dj with a story that begun in the middle of the 90's. Along the years Rosa has shown his versatility not only as as a dj but also as producer.

This man is also resident dj at the famous Lux Club in Lisbon since 1999 where he shared the cabin both with Boys Noize, Erol Alkan, Tiga, Digitalism, DJ Hell, Les Petit Pilous, Alex Gopher, Zero Cash, 2 many Dj's... yes too many names to put them all here.

GUNROSE is a mixture of technical skill and experience with the sonic rebellion in electronic music of today. Fuelled by the good bits of techno, house and electro, he takes a visceral approach to both his productions as well as his sets and the prove of that is this release that we bring to you.
GUNROSE is also starting a monthly party at Lux called DSIDE who’s maiden voyage will feature guest acts Les Petit Pilous & Djedjotronic.
GunRose - "Gregory Bag EP"
1. Gregory Bag
2. Elvis Kill
3. Story of tha House

Check out GUNROSE‘s “Kill Elvis” video below.


13 setembro 2010

Dem Slackers - Let's Go EP Preview

"As as young gun in the global community many of you might not actually known who Dem Slackers is.

The mere teen (he’s fucking 19) fidget house hermano “Kevin” is also known as Dem Slackers from the Netherlands - and he’s quite a few titles to the name. He has signed two EPs (one on Wearhouse and one on BMKLTSCHRCRDS) and he’s stepp’d up official remixes for Lil’ Wayne, Foamo and Mightyfools, Kissy Sell Out and more with every passing week. Maybe not recognizing the name you’d recognize a track from the floor with heavy weights dropping his big figet house anthems like it was the new dutch lead, the likes of which include Crookers, Steve Aoki, Fake Blood, Don Rimini, Sinden, Tommy Sunshine, Mightyfools and many more."

Coming out on Boemklatsch Records on the 20th of September. 

Bag Raiders – Way Back Home (Harvard Bass Remix + Music Video)

Way Back Home (Harvard Bass Remix) – Bag Raiders

09 setembro 2010

Hatched At Louis Vuitton Bond St, London

The ostrich eggs have hatched at the Bond St Louis Vuitton store in London. Every few days a new egg is hatched revealing a new shoe, watch or accessory.
You can always rely on Louis Vuitton for original creative and fresh window displays.

Russ Chimes - Midnight Club EP

At the time of the exit of the EP “Midnight Club” of the artist Russ Chimes, here a work and a made up film in 3 parts turned in Los Angeles.
Director Saman Keshavarz partnered with Producer Francis Pollara (the man behind Cinnamon Chasers’ Luv Deluxe) – to create the Midnight Club EP
The music video stars Kendrick Kellawan as the protagonist and Mindy Brenner. Jessica Franz and Ben Barrett are co-stars caught up in the ultra complex series of events. The couple’s fate is illustrated through a suspenseful montage of kidnapping and lust as the protagonist works to rebuild the happenings and whereabouts of his girlfriend. Russ Chimes’ songs Never look backTertre Rouge and Targa are featured. Each song is a separate music video, but when combined form the trilogy’s narrative. Each separate piece is a part of the whole, which tells the viewer a bit at a time and helps to make sense of the immensely complex and nonlinear story.

07 setembro 2010

Tha Bloody Bastards @ Optimus HYPE


▷La Roux - In For The Kill (Diplo And Bot Edit)
▷Douster - King Of Africa (VIP mix)
▷Congorock - Babylon
▷Don Rimini - Bust A Move
▷Major Lazer - Bruk Out (Foamo Remix)
▷Boris Dlugosch - Bangkok
▷French Fries - Senta
▷Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Sticky K Remix)
▷Cold Blank - Doin It Right (The Squatters Remix)
▷Diplo, Laidback Luke & Bart B More - Hey Brap! (JSK Bootleg)
▷Crookers - Knobbers (Aerotronic Remix)
▷Wheres Your Yeah Yeah Yeahs At Fake Blood (Laidback Luke Bootleg)
▷Light Year - Sex Education
▷Swedish House Mafia - One (Congorock Remix)
▷Wolfgang Gartner - Flashback (Will Bailey & Mikey Hook Remix)
▷The Bloody Beetroots - Warp (Horse's Cut n Paste Edit)
▷The Count And Sinden - Mega
▷Dizzee Rascal/Calvin Harris - Holiday (Laidback Luke Remix)
▷The XX - Stars (LAZRtag Remix)