30 janeiro 2012

Alice in Wonderland ➔ Drugs Explained

Alice in Wonderland is often critiqued for its references to a variety of drugs, and the various film adaptations have brought the book to widespread fame. Although the book itself has often been compared to an acid trip, there are a variety of other references, and the original Disney adaptation is particularly amusing with a variety of situations that resemble the effects of drugs. Consequently, various graphic aficionados decided to depict the effects of various drugs in this mad collection.

26 janeiro 2012


CHERYL is a four-member, semi-anonymous, often cat-masked artist collective based in Brooklyn, New York, known for its video art, outrageous costumes, participatory performances, museum installations, and epic dance parties.
CHERYL began in the summer of 2008 as a dance party in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn and has since evolved into an internationally acclaimed creative group, whose work has been featured in world-class art institutions and popular nightlife venues throughout New York City and Europe.

CHERYL comes to Portugal, Lisbon next Saturday (Musicbox, 28th January) and brings to you the ULTIMATE RETRO PARTY!
What's ULTIMATE RETRO? Think hipsters, taking fashion cues from way, way, way, way, way back. Not the 80s. Not the 70s. More like 20,800 BC.


Voxels ➔ Nasty Teaser

March 19th will see the new Enchufada release of the much anticipated Voxels single 'Nasty'… With a second track enigmatic called C**T! 
If you know this duo you perfectly know what can expect: a mixture of future electro with sexy classic 90's house! Something they call 'Bachelor House'. No wonder they've been immediately picked up by Enchufada to remix Buraka Som Sistema's hit single Hangover (Bababa).
For now you can listen a teaser of 'Nasty'...

Travis English ➔ Star Wars Posters

Artist Travis English makes these fantastic minimalist movie posters and television series. Many popular movie posters make an appearance on the artist’s website, including Star Wars, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Of course, there are a lot more, check them out at the artist’s website.

25 janeiro 2012


D'OH. It looks like The Simpsons have made their way into the style scene! Illustrator aleXsandro Palombo transformed some of our fashion faves into Simpsons characters and, um, we're DYING over these.

The characters from “Fashion Simpsons” portrays them as top designers in the industry from the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Jacobs, Donatella and Allegra Versace, Alber Elbaz, Anna Wintour, Hilary Alexander, Suzy Menkes, Grace Coddington, Iris Apfel, and Diane Pernet.

23 janeiro 2012


Decentralized Dance Party and Newmindspace present Boombox Party NYC, a spontaneous dance party where participants carry boomboxes, tune into the master broadcast, wear full business attire and in this case, dance in the streets of New York. 

It consists of thousands of Party people, carrying boomboxes, and a DJ who wears a backpack, containing an FM radio transmitter.All the boomboxes are tuned into the DJ’s master FM broadcast, resulting in a mobile, synchronized sound system. This portable dance Party roams the night, generating complete awesomeness, street by street and block by block, onto buses and subways, into public fountains and beyond. Inevitably interfacing with the public, together we create an infectious epidemic of fun. A roaming Party adventure that lasts all night long!

Burns & NT89 ➔ Traffic

New electro techno Traffic EP from Burns & NT89 out now on Bad Life. 
Bad Life, which climbs up on ours label ranking with every new EP, released this massive tune in december 2011 but now the original by Burns & NT89 got remixed by label owner autoKratz and Attaque! Both add their special feeling for a brilliant technoid rave track!


French electronic music duo Justice has just released the visual to their latest single “On’n’On” directed by Alexandre Courtes. As the title strongly suggests, the intergalactic theme sees the continuous flow of numerous objects including skeletons, diamonds and asymmetric artifacts, as well as scantily clad women and two members Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay, all in one single shot. 

This visual arrives earlier than the EP release of the single, which will include remixes of the track by Brodinksi, Erol Alkas, Rick Rubin, Tiga and Video Village.

19 janeiro 2012

Original Jeremy Scott‘s ➔ Adidas 2012

It’s hard to put a finger on a specific source of inspiration for adidas Original Jeremy Scott‘s Spring 2012 footwear collection, but that’s exactly the way he likes it: bold and uncommon. 

Whether you like them or not, Scott’s Spring Collection definitely lives up to the adidas Originals name

18 janeiro 2012

Alexander McQueen ➔ Autumn/Winter 2012

The Alexander McQueen Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection shows great progression from the label which tragically lost its founder and designer last year. Now with Sarah Burton at the helm, the designer continues on the path which McQueen established balancing an astute attention to refined tailoring and embellishing on the extravagant simultaneously.

Marc Jacobs ➔ Fall/Winter 2012

Retro skater meets my old man for the Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2012 Collection, compiling a quite interesting aesthetic and pallet of colors.

Slacks play an integral part in the collection, whether dressed down with sneakers or dressed up with a derby shoe the outcome is defined by the knitwear and outerwear. Refined cardigans, casual leather jackets, tailored coats and blazers, this makes for a very interesting installation with vibrant shades of mustard, blue and red matched with more subdued navy’s and beige’s.