30 novembro 2011


(Discotexas, Permanent Vacation, Bear Funk, Brilliantine)

Rui Maia, the ‘hands’ behind the Mirror People, grew up in Porto, Portugal. He started to play drums & guitar at 6, seduced by the sounds of Joy Division, Love & Rockets and David Bowie. 
In 2010, influenced by Italians do It Better, DFA & Factory Records, Rui formed his latest project - Mirror People.

More Disco-House oriented dance music, the Mirror People released ‘Echo Life’ (with Social Disco Club Remix) on Permanent Vacation Records and ‘Night Impact’ (Pelifics, Cosmonaut Grechko, Crystal Remixes) on Canada’s Brilliantine Records.

Upcoming releases on Hands of Time (with Jacques Renault & Tiago Remixes) & D.I.S.C.O.texas (with Munk, Moullinex & Horse Meat Disco Remixes). 

Artwork by Rodrigo Schanderl

Dead Sea Lions ➔ Yellow Books


This is the official video for DEAD SEA LIONS single "Yellow Books", off their new self-titled EP which you can stream or download for free below!

Little Printer ➔ Berg

In the midst of the ever-evolving digital world, one London-based design firm is bridging the gap between the ongoing battle of print versus digital publications. Aptly titled the “Little Printer” BERG design collective introduces its latest device to capture tangible manifestations of often used social media and digital content from a smart phone. In a similar fashion to RSS reader platforms, the Little Printer app and hardware allows users to subscribe to various feeds, sources, publications and status updates, which can then be printed directly into a “mini-newspaper.”
The BERG Little Printer is slated for a 2012 release!

29 novembro 2011



Sérgio Gomes is the BREAKS lda.'s founder and main-head that over the past years has been developing the dissemination and promotion of musical genres like Breakbeat, Dubstep, Bassline, Fidget and Loopy-House in Portugal.
As DJ plays on a regular basis in Portugal but also all over Europe and his mixes are a crossover between all his influences and together with the twins Twin Turbo, they form MegaBass, a project dedicated great bass lines.

Artwork by Rodrigo Schanderl

Bon Iver ➔ Deluxe Edition

Bon Iver released today a digital-only Deluxe Edition of their critically acclaimed album, ‘Bon Iver‘.
Featuring short films for each of the album’s ten songs, the Deluxe Edition is the comprehensive vision for the record captured in moving picture.
Comprised of individual visual works that both complement and enrich the audio on the album, the video accompaniment was in itself another year in the making.
Featuring work by Dan Huiting, Isaac Gale, David Jensen, JoLynn Garnes and Justin Vernon, the video work is meant to be consumed as a visual extension of the music, to enhance each listener’s experience with one of the year’s most acclaimed albums.

Check out the videos below !

Bart B More & Rubix ➔ Ari EP

Bart B More, and fellow Dutch producer Rubix have recently teamed up for the next release on Bmkltsch Rcrds, Ari EP, complete with remixes from an all star cast featuring Disco Of Doom, Attaque, and labelhead Mike Mago. The original has elements of Acid, Techno, Disco, and House, making for one unique jam that is taken in individual directions with each remix on the EP.

The Storybook Fantasies ➔ Dara Scully

The world of Spanish artist Dara Scully is filled with childlike fantasy, her photos blending the lines between fact and fiction, each loaded with rich narrative potential. Acting frequently as the protagonist, Scully places herself in a world where bicycles are strapped to hot air balloons, where she parties with miniature elephants, and has adventures rivaling those of Alice in Wonderland.

24 novembro 2011


01H - 07H

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22 novembro 2011

Memória de Peixe ➔ Fish&Chick (feat.Da Chick)

Guitar loops that make us dream of better days, "Memoria de Peixe" is a fresh  Portuguese project by Miguel Nicolau and Nuno Oliveira and from time to time, the infectious Da Chick.
There is a new single called "Fish & Chick", check out the awesome video below !

Creative Recreation ☓ Barneys ➔ "The Zerilli"

The shoe label Creative Recreation just launched a limited edition collection of very cool kicks for Barney's. The shoes -- a punk rock hybrid of a wingtip, a sneaker, a creeper and a Chelsea boot -- are called "the Zerilli" and come in green, blue and black. Dress them up, dress them down, dress them across town.

Ron English ➔ “Seasons In Supurbia” Exhibition

Arguably one of the most prolific and recognized artists today, pop icon Ron English recently had his first solo exhibition at Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City, California. 
Capturing the “intimate moments in suburban life — dosed with a cocktail of subversive visuals, consumer culture, and POPaganda politics,” the show, titled “Seasons in Supurbia,” has introduced 18 new paintings and features a slew of English’s archetypal characters serving as the denizens of Supurbia. 

Slated to run until December 10, 2011, the “Seasons In Supurbia” exhibition is free and open to the public.
Photography: Brandon Shigeta

Chalkboard Skull ➔ Mad Deco

Whether you’re questing for a skull with alien powers or just looking for a quality buzz with a tall skull of vodka, skulls are inherently cool. Maybe it’s the Keith Richards in all of us just trying to get out, or a natural fascination with death, but we find it hard not to like skulls we can decorate our places with… especially when they have other uses.

The Naked And Famous ➔ No Way

The Naked and Famous have released a new video for 'No Way' off their debut album Passive Me, Aggressive You. Produced by long time collaborators and fellow Music Award winners Special Problems and as always features some very clever effects... 

21 novembro 2011

I ♥ Techno 2011 ➔ Live Sets + Photos

I Love Techno is one of the largest electronic music festival’s in the world. This year the lineup was simply mad. Most of the DJ sets were recorded and we have the pleasure to share it with you... Check also some photos from I Love Techno 2011!

Boys Noize Live @ I Love Techno 2011

Christian Jackson ➔ Minimalist Fairy Tales

«Less is more» is the big slogan of minimalist art. And we don’t think artist and designer Christian Jackson could have suggest more with less draws. A very mad art work where he synthesizes all the stories behind 16 famous fairy tales in some lovely and powerful posters (click images to enlarge).