28 setembro 2011


Brooklyn dj/producer/Trouble & Bass founder and of course purveyor of all things bass Drop The Lime, just unleashed this mad bootleg of the Bassjackers track “Mush Mush”.

Drop The Lime’s latest album, Enter The Night should be out pretty soon, although we don’t have an exact date as of yet. “Shake Baby Shake,” the latest single off the yet to be released album dropped yesterday. You can pick it up via Itunes.

Mush Mush - Drop The Lime Bootleg by Drop The Lime

27 setembro 2011

Graffiti Wars ➔ King Robbo vs Banksy

A nice documentary about the difference between street art and graffiti. It shows the ongoing battle between (fans of) King Robbo and Banksy, which all started when Banksy painted over the oldest piece of graffiti in London.

"Graffiti - the work of mindless vandals or creative practitioners? To some it is art, to others a sign we've lost control of our cities. Since Roman times graffiti has been a form of anti-establishment rebellion. But today it's transcending social nuisance to gain cultural and artistic credibility, unprecedented prices at auction and even presidential and prime ministerial approval. 

However, at street level a bitter war is being waged between graffiti writers, street artists and the authorities. While graffiti writers face trial and prison sentences for their art, some street artists' work is lauded and protected behind Perspex. This issue is at the heart of a graffiti war being fought on the streets of London between one of the founding fathers of the British graffiti scene and the most famous street artist in the world. In London over the past 18 months the tension between the camps has played out in a battle of spray cans between freehand graffiti writer King Robbo and his nemesis, the stencil-using street artist Banksy. The graffiti war between the two men began in the early 90s but was re-ignited by what was widely seen as an unforgiveable transgression of strict graffiti rules by Banksy. It was an act that pulled 80s legend King Robbo out of retirement to retaliate in the place where it all began, the streets. The film goes behind enemy lines as the war escalates, until tragic and unforeseen circumstances bring about an unexpected ceasefire."

"Attraction" ➔ Renaud Marion

Thanks to the magic of CGI (computer generated image) , the idea of seeing an elephant or a chimpanzee tearing through the streets of a busy city isn’t as surreal as it once might have been. 
French photographer Renaud Marion’s series Attraction puts a different spin on the concept than what we see in most films; rather than trying to spring out of a zoo or plotting world domination, his wild things mug for excited crowds like celebrities, one species inexplicably drawn to the other.

Björk ➔ Moon

Bjork is back to greet us once more before her highly built-up album, Biophilia, drops Oct. 11. Last week, she added her latest single, "Moon," to the growing pile including "Virus," Cosmogony" and "Crystalline," one by one acclimating us to the space-meets-nature-meets-earthlings mood of the album.

24 setembro 2011


Designer Drugs - Riot (Mustard Pimp Remix)


10€ TILL 01:00H 12€ AFTER


Michael Vincent Patrick and Theodore Paul Nelson New York-based DJ/production duo, aka Designer Drugs, have become somewhat of a worldwide phenomenon over the past few years

Best known for their “wild” remixes of over fifty well-known artists such as Mariah Carey, Little Boots and Fischerspooner, Designer Drugs released their debut album, “Hardcore/Softcore” earlier this year. This album marks a shift from the duo’s poppier, more party-oriented sounds to darker, throbbing, industrial-heavy beats


Designer Drugs are one of our favorite producers who have the amazing ability to create mad club remixes, you’ll go home wanting what you just heard, for that reason MadSubCulture leaves you with a series of the most amazing and recent remixes from DD.

Hail Social - Heaven (Designer Drugs Remix)
Cyberpunkers - Fuck The System (Designer Drugs Remix)
Thieves Like Us - Drugs in My Body (Designer Drugs Remix)

And don´t forget,Designer Drugs will be performing this saturday (September 24th) along with Mustard PimpMad.MacKatfyr and Power Noize at Mad Subculture party, BOMBA, tickets are availiable online through TicketLine!

23 setembro 2011

Mustard Pimp ➔ “No Title Or Purpose”

For those of us with short attention spans and even faster right click save itchy fingers, Mustard Pimp drops off a freshly prepared “No Title Or Purpose” album mini mix. “No Title Or Purpose” is due for release on October 25th via Dim Mak Records. The mini mix is here so Listen below for a snippet of each track from the French duo’s latest project.

Mustard Pimp - Album Mini Mix
Tracks in order of appearance :

Mustard Pimp - Pharaohs
Mustard Pimp feat. Jimmy Urine - Money Shot
Mustard Pimp - Radio Techno Allah
Mustard Pimp feat. Blatta & Inesha - Dirty Knees
Mustard Pimp - ZHM
Mustard Pimp - Donks
Mustard Pimp feat. Alec Empire - Catch Me
Mustard Pimp feat. Dirtyphonics - City Kids
Mustard Pimp feat. ZE! - Amazons
Mustard Pimp feat Chali 2na - Wide Eyes
Mustard Pimp feat. Puppetmastaz - The Garden

Released by: Dim Mak Records
Release date: Oct 25, 2011

And don´t forget, Mustard Pimp will be performing this saturday (September 24th) along with Designer DrugsMad.MacKatfyr and Power Noize at Mad Subculture party, BOMBA, tickets are availiable online through TicketLine!
As an extra Mad SubCulture share the mad music of Mustard Pimp with a mad set of MP productions!

Villains ➔ “Control The Future”

Los Angeles Villains are making a lot of noise in the electro scene and spreading their music to the underground and mainstream alike. 
The production duo consisting of Mad V and Koncept met back in 2002. After years of working on solo projects in the LA Drum and Bass scene, they started working in the studio together. It took only a few months of turning out flawless bootleg remixes and dance floor filling original productions before the offers to DJ all over the world began pouring in. Villains have come a long way in a very short period of time.

Control The Future EP Teaser by Villains

Track List
1. Control The Future
2. Flash Point
3. Miles Away
4. Vertigo
5. Nexodus (w/ Trowa)

THE ALPHABET ➔ Alessandro Novelli

A great typography spelling-videos by New York based, Italian designer Alessandro Novelli/N9ve.
For every letter in the alphabet, Novelli has picked a typeface that starts with the corresponding letter and animated each letter’s morph into the next (Part 1).

The Alphabet Part 2 - A horn book video experiment - is a developmental spelling - video where each character visually represents the meaning of the word itself. Playing with different techniques and materials into little and big spaces, but always focusing on Helvetica font's proportions. A collection of words in a delightful spelling-video.
Mad and brilliant.

Apparat ➔ Song Of Los (Director's Cut)

Came across this rad story of a robot that was born, escaped, learned to love and died. Amazing tune to compliment, awesome shots of Los Angeles, with a story we all know too well.
This is the story of her memories.

Taken from the album The Devil's Walk

21 setembro 2011


ModaLisboa, Lisbon Fashion Week has become the most visible portuguese fashion platform, a respectful institution that promotes and allows the work of the portuguese designers to be check worldwide. After LOVE, the celebration of the 20 anniversary of MODALISBOA, Transfusion will be the host of the Summer 2012 collections.

The world has changed and we are all part of it.
Today the trend is to reduce individual initiative on behalf of a collective dynamic, absolute and responsible.
ModaLisboa | Transfusion will be the reflection of a network that contagious platforms of action, production values ​​and creation nucleus. Transfusion is fusion and transfer, vision and trans-nationality. Our country is the world. Our goal the whole. The Fashion presents itself as an ideology, expression and image. Staying out is to close your eyes, ignore the senses, or live life in reverse.The creative revitalization is urgent and capital, and it is at Pátio da Galé, October 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th, year 2011 in Lisbon. Four days of intervention on the fashion market with the anticipation in the exercise of new Spring collections – Summer 2012.

Dim Mak ➔ "New Noise Volume 1"

“This is the New Noise.”
Dim Mak and Steve Aoki bring you the newest of new, the official “New Noise Volume 1″ compilation- a Dim Mak series founded on a ‘different’ collection of sound, featuring artists from all areas of the globe.This brand new collective will be available for purchase on iTunes and supporting locations worldwide October 4th.

Wazabi - Interplay
Ken Loi - Drop
D-wayne - PUNKd
Nom De Strip, TJR & Sue Cho - My Life

Track List
01. The Subs – Octopus
02. Sonic C – Pills n Thrills
03. Secret Smile – Chuun
04. Tommy Trash – Blair Bitch Project
05. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike – Stomp
06. Navajo & Abrakadabra – Bang Bang Bitch
07. Sven Kirchof – Make My Day
08. D-wayne – PUNKd
09. Andy’s iLL – Lifetime
10. Blatta & Inesha – Senegal
11. Calvertron & P-Trix – Who’s to Blame ft. Aynzli Jones
12. Ken Loi – Drop
13. Markus Lange – Slip it in
14. Nom De Strip, TJR & Sue Cho – My Life
15. Religion – Burn The Bar Down ft. Justin Pearson
16. Sticky K – Separate Your Mind
17. Swiss Official – Jack Pot
18. Wazabi – Interplay
19. J.Rabbit – Hello Stan

New Noise – Volume 1
Release Date: October 4th, 2011

20 setembro 2011

NIke ➔ Marty McFlys

The biggest shoe release in history is upon us, and until now, the most famous shoe never made, and there are only 1500 pairs. Marty McFlys shoes are back from the future and were auctioned to benefit of The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. 
There isn’t much else to say other than these are pretty much everything the originals were, being created in 1989 by legendary Nike designer Tinker Hatfield, and now being recreated by him with help from Tiffany Beers. 
It’s as true to the original prop as possible, though you’ll have to wait until 2015 for the power laces.

Check them out here, and be sure to play around with the destination time on the site, there are some nice easter eggs, including an appearance by Mr. Hatfield himself.
And for the graphic ones...
For the launch of the Nike MAG and the ‘Back For The Future’ episode, Nike commissioned four artists to create original movie posters. Brent Rollins, Kate Gibb, La Boca and Will Sweeny each provided a mad poster for the series.


click on photo to enlarge 


Housemeister’s presents at LUX FRÁGIL his third album “Music Is Awesome” along with Les Petit Pilou and GUNROSE, September 22!

German producer Housemeister made his debut back in 2002 on Ellen Allien’s BPitch Control imprint and since then has released two albums and a barrel load of quality 12″s full of techno, acid and electro. His third album has arrived on Boys Noize and it’s a bit of a monster, touching ravers hearts and hitting ravers right on their heads at the same time. In arts, good ideas are hard to have, but easy to get – masterful musical output is pretty hard to create, but once it’s done, it’s about pure listening pleasure.

Enjoy the video of the single, where everyone is a Housemeister:

19 setembro 2011

Porter Robinson ➔ “Spitfire”

Thank goodness for Porter Robinson. At only 19 years old, the North Carolina-native has come into electronic territory with an emotional potency. His track “Spitfire” tells its own story as it evolves and progresses from a slow-paced and darkened melody to an explosion of dominating electro. A prodigy of sorts, Robinson exceeds genre barriers. He finds a way to integrate elements of house, dubstep, electro, progressive, and shimmery trance in test driving his risky style, which reaches the level of sophisticated production of electronic veterans, Daft Punk. 
His debut EP–also called Spitfire–has dirty beats for days. 
Out October 11th on Beatport!.

Star Wars Remix ➔ Helmet

Freehand Profit has recently remixed adidas sneakers to build a creative new Stormtrooper headgear art piece. The helmet was designed specially for Star Wars Remix and is completely wearable. The Stormtrooper piece required more than two pairs of the adidas x Star Wars Superskate Mid shoes along with one EFX Studio Stormtrooper prop replica.

17 setembro 2011


Audionite - Kling Klong
Gesaffelstein - Opr
Jan Driver - Raveyard
Azari & III - Manic (The Finger Prince Static Situation Mix)
Duck Sauce - Big Bad Wolf (Mickey Fortune Bootleg)
Siriusmo - Dunkelrot
The Sneekers - Evolution (Zero Cash Remix)
D.I.M. & TAI - Ion
Sound Of Stereo - Opal
TWR72 - Summer
Rogerseventytwo - You Take Me Higher

All tracks shared on this post are copyrighted by the artists and are only meant as samples for promotional use! 
Please support the artists by buying their music.
If the copyright owners of any of the content posted on this blog would like their material removed, please contact us.

16 setembro 2011


The Positiva‘s Clash Club 10th anniversary will bring to Portugal, The Subs Decontrol Tour and Pelussje, September 16th at TMN AO VIVO, Lisbon in partnership with Match Attack.

The Subs - 108.87 - 117.83 by THE SUBS

Since their eponymous debut album Subculture landed at the dusk of 2008, The Subs have………
Played more than 160 shows, travelled to 14 countries, used 12 different airline companies, 2 tour buses and 1 private jet. Between the three of them, they’ve mailed about 250 post cards and drank about 80 bottles of vodka. On the road, they’ve lost 5 iPhone adapters and 6 pairs of earplugs. 480 T-shirts were sold and they’ve counted at least 12 stage invasions and 13 scuffles with venue security. The band remembers 10 speeding tickets and were questioned by the police at least 3 times. They’ve made 6 music video’s, launched 1 blog and recorded 3 videocasts. Their audience took home 3 shoes and ripped 2 pairs of trousers from Papillon’s body, who did vomit on stage once.7 live shows ended with a broken wireless microphone and 2 AX-7 keytars got smashed up..


14 setembro 2011

Florence + The Machine ➔ Ceremonials

On October 31st, Florence + The Machine will release their sophomore album  which will be called Ceremonials – in the UK. A US release date is still to come.

We’ve already heard the slow-burning first single, “What The Water Gave Me”; and the soaring and joyous second single “Shake It Out”. 
The album’s artwork can be seen above, and the tracklist is available for a peep below.

Florence + The Machine - Shake It Out
Florence + The Machine - What The Water Gave Me (Bonus Track)

Florence + The Machine – Ceremonials
1. Only If for Night
2. Shake It Out
3. What the Water Gave Me
4. Never Let Me Go
5. Breaking Down
6. Lover to Lover
7. No Light, No Light
8. Seven Devils
9. Heartlines
10. Spectrum
11. All This and Heaven Too
12. Leave My Body

10 setembro 2011


CHANEL lets the fingers do the catwalking in its latest Shade Parade video for their new Nail Polish Campaign. Through some dextrous, well-manicured hands with on-point choreography, we see the brand’s entire luxe nail line swing, skip, and strut its stuff to the tune of “Little Bitty Pretty One” by Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers. And just like all good shows, wait for the end credits to find out the name of each shade—namely, Dragon, Black Pearl, Inattendu, Particulière, and Orange Fizz.

Directed by Patrick Daughters
Produced by Les Telecreateurs

Justin Barber ➔ Truth & Lies Posters

Designed by Justin Barber, this humorous poster series takes some of the most common, everyday lies we tell ourselves and hear from others, and bluntly translates them into the unequivocal truth. 
By visually representing the difference in what we often say but secretly mean, Truth and Lies uncovers the inane conversational nuances that reveal paradoxical dichotomies in our otherwise ordinary life. In other words, this is what you say, but (this is what you mean) - and we all know it.