07 maio 2012

Very French Gangsters ➔ Kids Eyewear

Mad kids taking mugshots? How can you not get behind an idea like this? Very French Gangsters is not only a great name for a company, it's also a license to create imaginative sets like this. Selling eyewear for kids has never been this much fun.As it says on their website, "Our collection consists of three styles offering a hot and contemporary look, creating a universe of nice gangsters." Now check out those poses...

Famous Artists ➔ Dissected

They're instantly recognizable artists - Dali, Van Gogh and Picasso - and now their likeness is the inspiration for a new ad campaign for MASP Art School. Like that unfortunate frog you dissected in high school Biology class, these dead artists have been pinned down and are ready for inspection. Look closely and you'll see their insides, only their organs are different than the average person's. In fact, it appears that their artistic talent truly came from within.

Filthy Luker ➔ "Street Attacks"

Street art, most of the time, should be fun, and we love the interventions that Filthy Luker has come up with. Sea monster arms coming off a building, gigantic pencils scribbling on walls, and trees with eyes are a just a few of fun pieces he has come up with. He calls the pieces "Street Attacks", Luker lives in a mad world, but a fun one.

Journal Standard x Levi’s ➔ Footwear

LEVI’S Shoes hopes to establish itself as a reliable business LEVI’S sub-label brand of American heritage, combined with the Japanese Journal of promising standard capsule collection in 2012. The choice of three colorways the comfortable, casual style with a mix of low-top profile. Metal eyelets sewn seams, subtle details and the construction of the canvas to add to the appeal of this vision of cooperation.

Kanye West ➔ Lost in the World Video

Kanye West drops off the visuals for his latest single pulled from the musician’s critically-acclaimed fifth album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
Directed by Ruth Hogben, the Bon Iver/Justin Vernon-assisted offering is a high-energy, black and white affair with sharp cuts, vigorous dancing, and an air of mystery normally associated with visuals for one of West’s numerous projects. London-based Hogben’s previous works come primarily from the world of fashion – including collaborations with Gareth Pugh, Rick Owens, Louis Vuitton, Barneys, Mac Cosmetics and Selfridges.

Xinobi ➔ "Pirates"

Released by Smile Recordings, “Pirates”, the title track of Xinobi’s brand new Ep defines the Disco Music that didn’t fit at all on The Love Boat. It’s a tropicalish and groovy song, fueled with lyrics sang by Princess Superstar, Janel & Israyl about nasty pirates on the quest for gold and pleasure. 

Full of small details, it reaches both Pop and Experimental edges with an unique way of layering Disco, House and Rap."Bronze", the “b-side” is a darker synth-trip about losing in life. Melodies and lyrics dedicated to all the drifters and the rejected ones that failed in achieving both wealth and love.

03 maio 2012

Regina Spektor ➔ New Studio Album

Singer-songwriter Regina Spektor has been away for a while, but her new album What We Saw From The Cheap Seats is coming out at the end of the month.

What We Saw from the Cheap Seats is her sixth studio album the first single, “All the Rowboats”, was released last month. Check out the video which could easily double as a Finesse shampoo commercial, below! The album’s second single, “Don’t Leave Me (Ne me quitte pas)” is a new version of “Ne me quitte pas”, a song originally from Spektor’s 2002 album Songs, and “Small Town Moon” is her latest delicate single with calm piano melodies that soon burst with cheerful riffing guitars and play-along stompings.


London street artist RONZO presents is new mad installation of his street birds.  Film maker João Retorta produced this video. It follow the artist through the process of creating and rolling out his Urban gangsta style pigeons on the streets of London. One for us please!

The Shapeshifters ➔ ‘Shake Shake’

The Shapeshifters teamed up with Steve Edwards for this funky slice of euro-house. Bouncy synths and killer beats compete with Edwards’ icy vocals on this original mix of ‘Shake Shake’, creating a floorfiller set to take the clubs by storm.
The Shapeshifters are the London-based DJ and production duo of Simon Marlin and Max Reich.

26 abril 2012

Ana Rajcevic ➔ Animal Anatomy

Ana Rajcevic is a fashion artist and sculptor, based in London, working at the intersections of sculpture and fashion design, this project is grounded in a unique visual interpretation of animal anatomy, building upon existing skeleton structures to create a series of sculptural pieces that appear as natural properties of the human body, suggesting strength, power and sensuality.
Concepts of mutation and evolution are explored in order to develop a contemporary cross-image of human and animal, an atemporal, supreme creature, beyond past and future.

The M Machine ➔ Metropolis Pt. I

The M Machine released their new EP, Metropolis Pt. I.
The trio have made it their mission to develop a sound that sets them apart from the rest of the Electronic Music world and they have done just that, catching the ear of none other than Skrillex. 
Metropolis Pt. I incorporates electronica, electro house and indie influenced dance elements that together create complex atmospheres, mad melodies and amazing synth riffs. 

Stanley Chow ➔ Pop Culture Caricatures

English-born artist, Stanley Chow, started his career in fashion illustration and as a storyboard pro. Since then, his work has appeared in numerous advertisements, animations, and other design-savvy publications. This pop culture portraits have an interesting and elegant Art Deco twist, while still being contemporary.
The works are refreshingly uncomplicated, but Chow manages to capture each character and star’s iconic expression or look in a unique way. 

24 abril 2012


Renown British artist Peter Phillips created these stunning leather masks for an editorial photographed by Richard Burbridge for Exhibition Magazine’s Leather issue.