30 agosto 2011


Pepe Jeans has always had a strong passion for music and now is the time to share that love. 
The Singular Music Festival is an independent festival that will bring the audience closer to the music, through both the performance and the surroundings, allowing you to really appreciate the music itself.
The Singular Music Festival take place in 4 European cities: London, Lisbon, Berlin and Bilbao. 
The event in each city will be held in an unusual location, allowing a limited audience to see one of four bands perform.

Now its time for Lisbon to receive Singular Music Festival and TWIN SHADOW will be the guest, September 1 at Clube Ferroviário!

Twin Shadow started his career in Brooklyn, presenting his first and only album "Forget", a mix of electropop, elegance, and a characteristical voice. "If there's something that Twin Shadow will be remembered for, then that's his voice, his identity beyond his songs and music. He's been called The Black Morrissey, a scandal for many and possibly flattering to him." (JNSP) An artist that will attract the audience and connect with it through his 80s revival creations.

29 agosto 2011

Flight Facilities ➔ Foreign Language Remixes

Flight Facilities‘ new EP, “Foreign Language Remixes” is released digitally today, August 29. 
Check out the Rocco Raimundo re-interpretation of the single featuring the vocals of a young Jess Higgs before the other versions by Drop Out Orchestra, Will Saul & Tam Cooper, Beni and Elizabeth Rose.

Flight Facilities - Foreign Language feat. Jess (Rocco Raimundo Re-Interpretation)

There will be also another original track, a B-side called “Feelin”!
Flight Facilities - Feeling

And, of course, stream the original version!
Flight Facilities - Foreign Language feat. Jess

DEADMAU5 ➔ "Where Are My Keys"

After an early version leaked onto the net two months ago, Deadmau5 has now unleashed the original mix of his latest banger "Where Are My Keys." The track starts off with a funky synth chord progression before crunchy bass elements kick in.

Deadmau5 - Where Are My Keys (Original Mix)

24 agosto 2011

Gareth Pugh ➔ Absolut Vodka

British goth-chic designer Gareth Pugh has recently teamed up with ABSOLUT MODE EDITION to participate in a redesign of the iconic ABSOLUT bottle. 

Having served as a blank canvas for the likes of Andy Warhol, Kurt Wenner and Spike Lee, the Swedish brand’s bottle serves doubly as a container and a piece of art, especially when designed as special limited editions. 
For his turn at the trademark spirit, Pugh chose to evoke the realm of fashion by creating a bottle with twelve facets and wrapping it in a midnight blue silk cloth embroidered band. Available exclusively at Harvey Nichols and Selfridges, the distinctive ABSOLUT model is sure to be a collectors item for fashionistas and discerning drinkers alike. 


Pairing mathematics with craftsmanship, the textile designers behind Montreal label String Theory weave quality yarns into beautifully-patterned super-soft scarves and throw blankets. The two-person team behind the brand works closely with small-batch manufacturers, allowing for wide experimentation with techniques

This artful combination of tradition and innovation results in everyday accessories with Modernist geometric appeal. Currently String Theory's Euclidean designs come in simple black and gray motifs, using mostly Alpaca, cotton and bamboo. 
Initial designs include intricate String Theory 101 scarf, which mimics the weaving process, and the Big Mess throw, an elegantly scrambled composition.

Rie Hosokai ➔ Balloon Couture

Pins and needles may be an integral element of most garment construction, but for Rie Hosokai, the pointy tools could leave her designs coming up flat, literally. 
You see, Hosokai deftly twists and manipulates balloons—yes, that’s right, balloons.

Rie Hosokai is the wordlwide appreciated balloon artist. Her significant technique and exquisite sense of fashion were proven by winning the international balloon dress competition "Millenniumjam Fashion Award" two years in a row and many other major balloon art contests.

She is the most desired and favorite artist which performances continue to entertain all audiences of all ages.

Black Holes ➔ by Yury Ustsinau

Yury Ustsinau is an artist, designer and illustrator residing in Frankfurt an Main, Germany. Born in 1979 in Vitebsk, Belarus, the hometown of world-known artist Marc Chagall, he graduated from Vitebsk Technological University, with a degree in Product Design. 

Much of his work is found in private collections and various pieces have been represented in galleries and art exhibitions.

Yury has developed an amazingly distinguished, personal style where surrealism is rendered in black and white with a unique glossy feel. He has become one mad modern artist, enjoy some of his artwork below. (All images below are the sole property of the artist.)

23 agosto 2011


The new project from Portuguese singer/songwriter Zé Manuel, opens with 7 fairly standard pop-rock songs, with folk and blues influences throughout
The second half veers off into slower, more emo-ish territory and it's then that things get really interesting. Songs like "The Weirdest Place I've Ever Been", "Broke The Clock Again", "The Death (It's Over Now)" and "Not Your Fucking Daddy" manage to really stand out. 

As a whole this mad record is hard to resist.
Check out the amazing videoclip from the first DARKO single, "Define Joy" !



Illustrator Dave Rapoza unleashed this great series of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles characters rendered in his unique, hyper-detailed style. Check out the teeth on our favorite foursome, and the awesome looks of villainous bumbling duo Bebop and Rocksteady.
The whole series looks mad.

22 agosto 2011

Miss Van and Anaoana’s ➔ Oddities

Morphed from the disturbingly entertaining childhood memories of circuses comes the entity of Miss Van and Anaoana’s newest collection: Oddities. Abounding with juxtaposing visuals of warped humans and animals, each piece from the collection bellows gaudy magnetism and pale intensity.

Chien Wang Yang ➔ Sexy Mad House

Taiwanese photographer Chien Wang Yang sure has a very unique idea about what fun around the house means. Sexy young ladies, in different parts of the house, playing around in a very pop and colorful world. Not your usual childhood memory, right?